Keep Your Skin Hydrated

To keep your skin hydrated, you need quality, tested products for dry skin. Dr. Bernard Salameh has the answer with his revolutionary products. Don't wait to use dry skin treatments--allowing your skin to dry out leads to a dull, lackluster appearance. You may look tired, develop rough skin, or have to contend with flaky skin and dry patches. Dr. Salameh’s integrative approach to healthy, youthful skin begins with medical grade products for dry skin that have been clinically tested and are fully effective.

Say Goodbye to Dry Skin

Let's start off with topical products for dry skin. A weekly or biweekly microdermabrasion treatment sloughs away dead and dry skin cells, leaving your face feeling new and smooth. Incorporating a multitasking cleanser and a toner that balances pH levels into your skin care routine can target dry skin issues, too. You also need an excellent moisturizer for both your body and your face.

Salameh Skin Care’s medical grade line offers a variety of dry skin treatments. Have you considered turning to nutricosmetics and supplements to handle the problem from within? Our Ultimate Anti-Aging Collagen Complex will encourage cell regeneration and collagen production, while our Ultimate Hair, Skin & Nails supplement promotes all-around healthier, more hydrated skin.

Refer to our skin care advisor to figure out which products for dry skin are best for you

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