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Lip Enhancer Products

It’s possible to achieve full, luscious lips with the right lip enhancer products. If your lips are on the thinner side of the spectrum and you want to give them a boost or if you just want a bit of additional fullness, the Instant Lip Plumper is the only lip enhancer you need for plump, hydrated lips.

We use high-quality anti-aging properties in our lip enhancer glosses to heal and treat your skin. Thanks to carefully chosen and formulated ingredients, our Salameh Skin Care lip enhancer products reduce signs of aging such as wrinkles and drying skin.

Dr. Salameh has developed a lip enhancer gloss that will give anyone a perfectly plump pout. Think of it as a beauty treatment that can be carried around in your pocket!

Lip Game On-Point

A single coat of the Instant Lip Plumper treats your lips to a super boost. In addition to smoothing out fine lines and wrinkles on and immediately around your lips, our lip enhancer products expand and lengthen the curve of your mouth.

Our natural lip enhancers assist the volume of your lips in expanding. The advanced hyaluronic spheres in the formula cover the delicate, soft skin of your lips. From there, they attract moisture from the air, which fills and expands your pout. The inclusion of a peptide ensures that the plump, smooth volume of your lips will last longer. Vitamin E further seals in the moisture, keeping your lips soft and succulent.

Full, lush lips are the goal. Instead of employing cosmetic tricks with lip liner and gloss, treat yourself to lip enhancer products and enjoy the real thing. Use our lip enhancer gloss daily to achieve luscious lips that will remain fuller for longer with each swipe of the product!

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