Personalized Hair Products

Dr. Salameh knows what it takes to care for your hair. We offer more than just skin care. Our selection of hair products repair damage and stimulate growth, leaving you with a full, thick mane that's easily manageable no matter what your hairstyle.

From serums to shampoos, our treatments are packed full of ingredients that nourish your hair from within, resulting in a healthy shine that you won't get from other personalized hair products. Choose your treatments separately or splurge on a comprehensive kit that covers all of your hair care needs.

Shower Power

Start your hair routine with our Hair Rejuvenation Shampoo. It deeply cleans your hair to turn your scalp into a healthy environment that invites growth, repair, and restoration. It breathes new life into dull, thin hair. The shampoo expands the shafts of your hair follicles, which leads to movement, shine, and volume. The best news is that it's gentle enough to use every day.

The same is true for its partner, the Hair Rejuvenation Conditioner. As a personalized hair product, its panthenol-rich formula reinforces and strengthens your hair follicles at the root. The conditioner guards against breakage while enhancing volume.

Growth Boost

Our Hair Rejuvenation Serum is just what you need if your hair is lifeless, limp, or temporarily thinning. Fatigue, medication, pregnancy, seasonal changes, and stress can all contribute to hair loss or at least the loss of luster. Our rejuvenating complex helps with all of that.

It contains a biomimetic peptide called HRS-10, which combines with red clover extract that's full of Biochanin A. These personalized hair products improve circulation in your scalp, making it a paradise for restored hair growth. Essential proteins, peptides, and vitamins encourage the production of keratin, resulting in lush, thick hair.

Salameh Skin Care offers kits with all three products for an all-in-one hair care regimen. Restore your hair to all its glory with hair products from Salameh Skin Care today. Order more than $100 to enable free shipping.

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