What is Glass Skin? How to Achieve it With Medical-Grade Products

11th Sep 2020

close-up of face of woman with clear glass skin

When we try to imagine what “glass skin” is, we think clear, delicate, and shining. The term has been trending all over social media lately, accompanied by images of dewy, luminescent cheeks with a subtle glow.

This look is so beautiful it almost seems magical, but it’s not unattainable! With enough dedication and the right medical-grade glass skin products, you can rejuvenate your skin and achieve this stunning look.

What is Glass Skin’s Origin?

Like many beauty trends that go viral across social media, there is some conflicting information on the internet about the origin of the term.

A blog by L'Oréal claims that one of Beyoncé’s stylists coined the term, although they claimed this nearly a year after Vogue and Allure claimed that the trend was popularized by Los Angeles stylist Ellie Choi.

There are also a few popular Korean beauty terms linked to this look: kkul-gwang means honeylike and glossy, and chok chok means moist or damp. They both imply dewy, moisturized looks that glow and shine without looking greasy.

In the end, there’s no way of knowing exactly where this term came from, but it’s been solidified as a beauty goal across the skincare world.

What Is Glass Skin?

Glass skin has a somewhat reflective sheen, making your skin seem like it’s emanating a glow from within. It’s moisturized without being oily, and bright without being ashen. It’s a crystal clear look that makes you look youthful and radiant.

Glass skin has nothing to do with skin tone. You can have dark or light skin to achieve the vibrant, poreless glass look—what’s most important is that your skin is moisturized, dewy, and textureless.

How to Use Medical-Grade Glass Skin Products

The trendsetter and poster child for glass skin on Instagram, Ellie Choi, advises a multi-step cleansing and moisturizing routine to be performed at night using high-quality skin products.

  • First, use a basic cleanser. This multi-action cleanser works for every skin tone and is the most important step in cleaning and protecting your skin.
  • Next, use a fortified toner to eliminate any excess dirt, makeup, or oil that might remain after your cleanser while also balancing your skin’s pH.
  • Glass skin products make you look dewy, so you need to finish the night with a lot of moisturizer. Use a moisturizer with mineral sunscreen during the day to protect sensitive skin and lock in your hydration.
  • Every other day, use a gentle exfoliator to remove dead skin cells and promote healthy skin repair. Our holistic microdermabrasion product is perfect for a deep cleaning, non-abrasive soothing exfoliation.

We strongly advise using only professional, medical-grade products for your skincare routine, as inexpensive drugstore products too often contain harsh chemicals designed to make you reliant on the product.

Try Salameh Skincare for Glass Skin Products

If you want to know more about what glass skin is and how to achieve it, one of our incredible medical spa skin treatments can walk you through how to rejuvenate your skin’s natural youth and beauty.

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