​Top 3 Reasons Personalized Skin Care is the Future

​Top 3 Reasons Personalized Skin Care is the Future

22nd Jul 2019


Personalized  skin care is among one of the top wellness trends of 2019—but why? In contrast to other wellness and beauty trends whose staying power is debatable, we’d argue that personalized skin care is the future of skin health, and that we’ll only continue to see beauty- and health-conscious individuals investing in professional facial products made from reliable, natural ingredients and that deliver effective results. There are many reasons that this change has come about, and we’re looking at the top three reasons that custom skin care products and routines are sure to become the new norm.

There’s No One Size Fits All Skin Solution

The most glaring factor in the rise of professional facial products and custom skin care? Every individual’s skin is different from the next. Gone are the days when a generic skin regimen was prescribed to everyone regardless of their concerns. These days, leading doctors and skincare experts are all about tailoring routines to fit individual needs, rather than relying on the age-old generic cleanser, toner, and moisturizer combination. A generic approach simply leads to generic results, and savvy skin care consumers aren’t settling for less any longer.

People are realizing the benefits of a multistep, customized skincare routine featuring professional  facial products will lead to a dramatic difference in results when compared to a general approach supported by basic over-the-counter products. When it comes to potency and effectiveness, many of the more popular over-the-counter skin care lines just don’t make the cut. That’s where professional, medical grade, customizable products come in.

Formulated to address specific skin concerns, personalized regimens and products allow for a much more targeted and thoughtful way to think about skin care. When you use an anti-aging serum, for example, you’re getting direct benefits from tried and tested anti-aging ingredients—and none of the extraneous ingredients that could irritate your skin or dilute the potency of your specific serum. The result? Faster results and better skin around the clock. 

The Right Ingredients Matter

The rise of professional facial products can also be linked to an increased awareness of the importance of ingredients when it comes to supporting skin care goals. From anti-aging to anti-acne products, the right ingredients make the difference, and consumers are learning to recognize potent and effective active ingredients and can differentiate between what works and what does not. Medical grade concentrations of antioxidants, botanical extracts, and other skin-saving compounds deliver serious results, and people are seeking out top ingredients that they know will soothe, brighten, and smooth their skin.

Smart consumers aren’t settling for ambiguous formulas made by companies who aren’t transparent about their ingredients, and what is included in professional facial products are just as important as what’s not included. New research shows increasing issues with the use of harmful, irritating parabens and sulfates in many skin care and hair care products, and the results of recent studies are alarming, showing an increased risk of endocrine disruption and even cancer as a result of exposure to these synthetic compounds. Want to skip these less-than-desirable effects? Opt for customized skin care lines that are open about their products and the ingredients that go into them.

Cutting edge personalized skin care offers another advantage that a one-size-fits-all approach does not: the best product lines leverage the latest data and research in order to create the best possible formula for any given product. Medical grade skin care relies on science and thorough analyses by the brightest minds in the field in order to develop new professional facial products.

Skin is the Key to Beauty and Wellness

The final reason personalized skin care is the future? People are more educated than ever before on the ways their skin affects their happiness, overall health, and even their emotional wellbeing. More and more, research shows that our skin’s health is an important component of our mental health, with psychologists and doctors finding links between acne and bad skin and depression, anxiety, and other mental health issues. Protecting your skin isn’t simply a cosmetic concern: maintaining your complexion has deep implications for many other aspects of your life. 

Men and women alike want to be able to pamper themselves at home with professional  facial products and understand that a multistep personalized approach to skincare will help them get the results they want. There’s a new understanding that skin care is an investment in your health, your youth, and your overall appearance—and in today’s fast-paced world, custom skin care is a wonderful way to take time out of each day to perform a ritual that celebrates you.

Meet Dr. Salameh

At  Salameh Skin Care, our brand is built on the idea that there’s no one-size-fits-all approach to beauty, wellness, and skin care. If you’re new to custom skin care, start with our Skin Care Advisor tool to receive a free skincare analysis from the comfort of your own home and gain a better understanding of your skin and your distinct skin care needs. From there, you can shop for professional facial productsthat are designed to treat your specific concerns and help you look and feel like the best version of yourself. All of our products are paraben and sulphate free, and are formulated for maximum results with regular use for glowing, youthful skin 

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