Throwing a Skin Care Party | Our Quick Guide

21st Jan 2020

When you need a whole day to relax and spend time with friends, a skin care event is a great idea. A skin care party for your friends or family brings everyone together in a spa-like atmosphere without the need to actually make an appointment or go out of your way. For the best spa party tips and ideas, turn to the experts at Salameh Skin Care! We have years of experience in creating a soothing atmosphere and helping people bring out the best in their skin.

Ready to get started? Read our quick guide to throwing a spa party here for all the details!

1. Everyone’s Favorite Brands

As you compile the guest list for your skin care party, you want to consider everyone’s favorite brands and lines. You don’t have to supply everything by yourself, but it’s nice to put out something for everyone. If the theme of your party is exfoliating and facial care, set up an area with your favorite scrubs, moisturizers, and toners as well as some of the top choices from your friends.

If you don’t know everyone’s favorite skin care lines, send out an email poll to get some quick answers from your guests.

2. DIY Station

A fun way to amp up the mood of your party is with a DIY station. Let your friends create their own coffee or sugar scrubs with their favorite oils and fruit extracts. To create a scrub station, follow our instructions:


  • Coffee Grounds
  • Sugar
  • Avocado Oil
  • Olive Oil
  • Jojoba Oil
  • Vitamin E Oil
  • 2-4 Essential Oil Scents

Let your guests choose if they want a sugar or coffee base and then let them mix in an oil of their choice. Your ratio should be half a part oil for every one part scrub base. They’ll also only need a few drops of vitamin E oil and floral essential oils for a little added power and scent. With just these few simple ingredients, each of your skin care party guests can customize their scrub. Some of our favorite essential oil scents to offer include lavender, jasmine, chamomile, and grapefruit.

We recommend using these scrubs only on your body. Do not apply them to your face, as the sugar and coffee granules are too irregular and large for the delicate skin on your face.

3. Comfy Seating

No spa day is complete without somewhere to lounge around and relax. Offer your skin care event guests plenty of places to relax. Place a few pillows and beanbags on the floor, pull together your sofas and armchairs, or lay down a selection of comforters and blankets for those who like to get really cozy. You want to offer plenty of options for everyone, so no one is left standing or uncomfortable.

4. Serene Ambiance

Ambiance is key for a spa day and you need all the ingredients to make it work. For your next skin care party, carefully curate the entire atmosphere with some of our top suggestions, including:

  • A Spa Playlist
  • Essential Oil Diffuser
  • Dim or Accent Lighting
  • Scented Candles
  • Floral Arrangements

All of these various elements should come together to create a spa atmosphere nobody can resist. Keep in mind any allergies or sensitivities your guests may have before decorating your space. Some people can’t stand strong scents or they’re allergic to certain flowers, so ask your friends about any issues that might affect your decor.

5. Towels with Soothing Scents

Another way to get your guests in the mood is with warm towels that are lightly scented with essential oils. If you have a towel heater or crock pot, you can soak a few face towels in warm water, dab on an essential oil, and leave them in a warmer for whenever your friends want them. You can also microwave them for about 20 seconds right before your guests arrive to hand to them as they walk in.

These towels can be used to wipe off the day’s stresses, wipe your hands after creating a DIY scrub, or place on your feet to keep them warm after a foot soak. Towels are a versatile essential for any skin care party!

6. Add Flowers

If you’re planning on having any foot soaks or hand washing basins during your skin care event, you can add an elegant flourish to their look and feel with some flower petals. Carnations and daisies are an inexpensive option that are available in plenty of colors for an added pop. For those who are planning on including a foot soak to their event, Salameh Skin Care recommends adding epsom salts to your warm water to add an anti-inflammatory benefit.

7. Stay Hydrated

Even though you’re not doing anything but relaxing, you still need to keep your guests and yourself hydrated. Whether you choose to stock a small bar cart with cucumber and lemon water or some fresh squeezed juices, keep the cleansing theme alive with healthy options.

You can also add flowers to the drinking water for your skin care party with a few fresh roses from pesticide-free sources.

8. Cute Party Favors

You don’t want your guests to leave your skin care party without something to take with them! From mini versions of your favorite skin care products to fun bath bombs or gemstone soaps, Salameh Skin Care loves leaving our friends with something they can use at home for their daily skin care regimen.

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