The Best Skin Care For Dry Winter Skin

19th Aug 2021

December through March is a beautiful time, filled with snowy vistas, cozy sweaters, and cuddling up by the fire. But it’s also a dry time with freezing temperatures and howling winds, neither of which is kind to your skin. So we at Salameh Skin Care put together a basic winter routine, filled with our favorite skin products for dry skin. Follow these steps, and you’ll be able to maintain a gorgeous, dewy glow skin year-round, even when the harsh winds are blowing!

Use a Gentle Cleanser

Using a cleanser at all may feel counterintuitive when you don’t want to wash away your skin’s natural oils. But even skin care for dry skin has to include a way to clear out dirt and debris. Dr. Salameh’s gentle Multi-Action Cleanser can unclog your pores without irritating or further drying out your skin.

A good, medical-grade cleanser may also be good for fighting acne on oily skin, in any weather. With our carefully formulated Multi-Action Cleanser, you’re getting a quality product that’s effective without being abrasive.

Make Sure Your Day Moisturizer Has SPF

When you have dry skin, you run into regular issues with your moisture barrier, particularly in the winter. That’s why it’s so important to use Salameh Skin Care’s Anti-Aging SPF 30 Moisturizer in your routine skin care for dry skin. It supplements your natural moisture barrier, locking in hydration while also protecting your skin from pollutants.

Beyond just moisturizing, this particular skin product for dry skin has SPF. The sun’s UV rays are as strong in winter as they are in the summer, and over time, they can dry out your skin. Using a moisturizer with SPF hydrates your skin now, and protects it from the sun going forward.

 A woman covered in snowflakes who uses skin products for dry skin

Exfoliate Regularly

Flaky skin is dead skin cells, and piling on extra moisturizer on top of them isn’t necessarily helpful. It can lead to those cells clogging up your pores. So skin care for dry skin always has to include regular exfoliation. You can’t scrub away your skin’s ability to produce oil, but you can eliminate anything that might get in the way of freely supplementing it.

Dr. Salameh’s Microdermabrasion scrub is particularly good for this. It’s effective enough to clear all of the debris from your pores, but also includes ingredients that help repolish your skin while avoiding irritation so you can maintain a natural glow in any temperature.

Incorporate Toner in Your Routine

One of the best skin products for dry skin is toner. It provides an extra splash of hydration while prepping the skin to absorb even more of the moisturizer than it would do on its own. A great toner is an absolutely essential part of skin care for dry skin, especially in winter.

Go beyond a standard toner when putting together your winter routine by getting Dr. Salameh’s PH Balancing Toner. It includes a peptide complex that resets your face from the signs of aging that can come with dry skin. It also contains botanical oils and extracts that calm the skin, ideal for your routine after the harsh winds of the outside world. It’s one of the best ways to maintain the natural, youthful glow you were born with, even through frigid temperatures.

Woman with great skin and a skin care for dry skin routine

Use Products That Enhance Your Hydration Intake

If those basic measures don’t work for you, don’t worry! With the combination of naturally dry skin and a particularly dry environment, your routine might need specialized products that walk the fine line between being highly effective and too harsh. Luckily, there are plenty of options for kicking your skin care for dry skin up a notch.

Our favorite is the Ultra Hydrating Hyaluronic Acid Complex. It includes water-attracting molecules, allowing your skin to absorb much more moisture than it would normally be capable of. Plus, the hyaluronic acid complex helps rejuvenate and strengthen your skin, enabling it to recover after any damage it might have taken from the dry environment.

Keep a Healthy Diet, Exercise, and Sleep Routine

Your hydration routine shouldn’t just include skin products for dry skin. Your skin habits also have to include getting enough rest, maintaining a healthy diet, and regular exercising — followed by proper cleansing so you don’t reabsorb all that sweat, of course.

Skin care for dry skin ultimately comes from the inside out, and topical solutions supplement what you put inside yourself. Your skin will be far more hydrated if you drink enough water and eat the right foods, so be sure to always keep a water bottle handy, even if it feels cold enough to freeze.

A great skin routine is important in all seasons. But skin care for dry skin in winter is extra important since that’s its most delicate time. Use these tips, and no matter how harsh the winds may blow, you’ll always have a gorgeous glow coming from within!

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