The Best Pre-Wedding Skin Care Routine

16th Mar 2020

A bride with flawless skin holding a bouquet

You’ve said yes to spending the rest of your life with that special someone and it’s time to start planning for the big day. You’re thinking about everything from dresses and flowers to seating arrangements and dinner menus, but have you given thought to your  skin care?

Ensuring your skin looks flawless for the big day will guarantee that you glow and shine brilliantly in every photo. Don’t ignore your skin and risk a blemish ruining one of the most important days of your life! Plan a wedding  skin care regimen early to ensure you look amazing. Follow these tips from Salameh Skin Care now to get started!

Six Months Out

If you don’t already have a regular dermatologist, now is the time to schedule your first appointment. A medspa can do two major things for you that you can’t do on your own: they can properly assess the current state of your complexion much better than your basic mirror and they can help you create a wedding skin care strategy to help you achieve  your goals.

Our detailed skin analysis is performed by our certified and experienced aesthetician, and will help you plan out what’s best for your individual skin.

Going to a dermatologist or medspa early is critical because some skin treatments can take several months to complete. Whether it’s softening forehead wrinkles or minimizing acne breakouts, you need enough time to get it all done. Reach your wedding day skin care goals in time for the big day with help from the medspa staff at Salameh Plastic Surgery.

Three Months Out

A close-up shot of a bride with a tiara in her curly hair

You’ve probably had enough time to plan a wedding skin care routine and experiment with different products and  spa treatments. Now you know which routines work best and what treatments require a few days of recovery time before your skin starts glowing again. Make sure you’re keeping up with regular facials and exfoliating sessions at the spa to maintain the level of perfection you’ve already achieved.

One Month Out

You’re a month away from your big day and you’re wondering what other wedding skin care plans you can make to guarantee a flawless face. At this point, you may be looking into  spot treatments and serums to deal with tiny details and reverse flare-ups. You want to know that the products you use for even the smallest reasons work consistently and effectively. Test anything you think you may need to use on your big day to ensure you won’t have any negative reactions.

Day Before

The day before, you want to make sure to do your regular morning and  evening routine. You might also want to massage your wedding skin care schedule to get one last facial on this day. Don’t spend the day out in the sun and risk a sunburn and don’t do anything out of the ordinary that may aggravate your skin.

The Big Day

A bride and groom holding hands and celebrating with big smiles as rice is thrown

The day of your wedding is what you’ve been waiting for! Your wedding skin care routine has prepared you for this very moment. While you’ve done everything you can to guarantee flawless skin on this day, there are always a few people who experience the appearance of a sudden pimple or discolored spot. Don’t panic! This is the moment to use your spot treatments and serums. These will minimize any last-minute blemishes enough so that your makeup artist can do their job.

Final Tips

Skin Care Inside & Out

Good wedding skin care is about more than what you put on your skin—what you eat and drink matters as well. Staying away from alcohol during your prep time and upping your intake of green tea and fresh-squeezed juices is important. Focus on hydrating and  adding antioxidants to your diet.

More Than Just Your Face

A bride having her wedding dress zipped up from the back

Your wedding day will show more than just your face. You might have a dress that drops low to show your decolletage or the photographer may be trying to get poignant shots of your clasped hands and rings. Make sure you’re planning your wedding skin care around these areas as well as any other places you might be showing a little skin — like your back, arms, and  lips.

Spray Tans & Makeup Trials

If you think you want a spray tan and professional makeup on your wedding day, you should be having trials and test runs well before the set date. The last thing you want is to discover that you’re allergic to the makeup artist’s brand or that the spray tan you used has turned you orange. Check all these wedding skin care unknowns at least six months before your wedding date to avoid any mishaps.

Salameh Skin Care is Here for You!

At Salameh Skin Care, our  medical-grade line of products is here to provide you with powerful, effective results over the course of several months. You can also visit our spa facilities to speak with our certified aesthetician about the best way to achieve your goals.Reach out to us today to maximize your beauty and bring out the best in your skin with a wedding skin care routine developed just for you!

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