The Best Non-Product Methods for Holistic Healthy Skin Care

27th Jan 2021

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There are countless products promising that they will give you clear, healthy skin. However, holistic skin care extends beyond just creams and ointments. Did you know that there are several natural methods and lifestyle habits that can improve your skin? A great diet, an exercise aftercare routine, and even some simple changes to your sleeping accommodations can do a world of good if you truly wish to practice healthy skin care. Get great skin that will last a lifetime when you follow the holistic advice of Salameh Skin Care today.

1. The Right Diet

The food you put in your body can have a big impact in determining whether your skin is oily and greasy or bright and pure. An excess of sugar and synthetic fat in your diet can use up the resources that your body would ordinarily use to produce clear skin. Healthy skin care can begin with a diet that is rich in natural fatty proteins and antioxidants, as well as a concerted effort to cut out needless junk food. If you struggle with persistent acne no matter what product you use, you may want to try elimination skin care diets in which you exclude certain foods or food groups for a period of time. By doing so, you may discover that it is dairy, for example, that causes your skin to break out. Once you determine the correct skin care diet for you, your skin is likely to improve.

2. Changing Your Post-Exercise Care Routine

There’s lots of advice about how you should cool down and what you should eat after you work out, but it’s just as important to be vigilant about treating your skin right after a sweaty session. Practicing healthy skin care includes washing your face after exercising so that sweat—or even dirt or dust, if you went trail running or biking—doesn’t stick to your face longer than necessary. There are some other simple steps you can also take to make sure your workout plan does not interfere with your skin care regimen, including skipping makeup while working out and using a gentler towel instead of a scratchy one to dry your face.

3. Good Sleeping Arrangements

Since your face touches the pillows and sheets that you sleep on every night, it makes sense that one aspect of healthy skin care depends on what you sleep on and the way that you sleep. Getting a good night’s sleep is essential to having good skin, but what may be less obvious is that the type of bedding you sleep on also impacts your skin health. Silk pillowcases and sheets, as well as pillowcases that have copper woven into the fabric, can be just as important for organically healthy skin as a good skin care diet. Silk absorbs less dirt and agitates your skin less than cotton, while copper-woven pillowcases are proven to battle bacteria and reduce wrinkles. If you’ve only ever used a cotton pillowcase, you may be surprised at how much of a difference a simple switch to silk or copper-woven fabric can make for your skin!

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4. Plastic Surgery Procedures

One of the most effective ways to improve your skin quality is to schedule a noninvasive procedure with a certified professional. Procedures like acne scar treatment can finally fix the deep scars that serious acne leaves behind, while tear trough treatment can fix the hollowed out circles under your eyes that no cream can help. Nonsurgical procedures like these are a crucial part of a healthy skin care plan if your skin has imperfections that products simply can’t solve. Plus, a few appointments at a medical spa for stunning results is a trade that’s more than worth it.

5. Taking a Skin Care Break

As paradoxical as it may seem, one of the best ways to practice healthy skin care may be to pause traditional skin care (aka product use) entirely for a short period of time. If you’ve made a habit of slathering on countless oils and creams each day without paying close attention to which products actually made a difference, it may be time for a break. Your skin needs a period of neutrality so that when you slowly reintroduce products one by one, you can determine which ones help and which don’t have any effect (or are even harmful!). As long as you practice a good skin care diet and do not do anything to actively irritate your skin, you will almost certainly learn a lot about which products to keep and which to toss.

Learn More About Healthy Skin Care with Dr. Salameh

When people want to achieve their healthy skin care goals, there is a reason so many rely on Dr. Salameh. As an internationally renowned plastic surgeon capable of bringing that precision to nonsurgical skin procedures, Dr. Salameh understands the importance of holistic skin care. He knows that healthy skin care utilizes a variety of methods, including a proper skin care diet, nonsurgical procedures, and medical-grade products. Salameh Skin Care provides personalized recommendations to our patients and works with them to create a healthy skin care routine that produces gorgeous results.

Leave us a comment below if you have another non-product method for healthy skin that we didn’t mention! And if you’re ready to start on your own journey towards the skin you have always wanted, schedule an appointment now and join the Salameh Skin Care family today.

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