Spring Skin Care Break: Should You Take One?

27th Jan 2021

Is it possible to have too much of a good thing when it comes to skin care? When crafting your skin care routine for spring, there may be a benefit to reducing or even halting your use of creams, oils, and other products. In this blog, Salameh Skin Care will discuss the pros and cons of taking a skin care break.

Benefits of Taking a Break from Skin Care for Spring

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Just as you can over-wash your hair, you can also over-wash your face, especially if you are constantly using strong chemicals and treatments. Washing your face too often can actually be the source of your skin problems, as can using too harsh of a cleanser (more on that later!). If you notice your epidermis becoming reddened, dry, or starting to crack, a skin care break may be just what you need. Giving your skin a rest from frequent cleansing will allow your skin to recover and allow you the time to find a skin care plan for spring that will work for you permanently. In the meantime, stick to cleansing your skin just once a day in the evenings with a gentle cleanser.

Potential Drawbacks of Taking a Skin Care Break

As mentioned above, your skin care plans for spring may not be going awry due to how often you’re washing your face, but because of what you’re washing your face with. It’s always important to make sure your products are made with high-quality ingredients and do not contain needless synthetic chemicals. When you utilize medical-grade skin care products, you are guaranteed a quality that passes the standards of some of the most highly regarded plastic surgeons in the country. Cleansers that were once in-vogue, like facial scrubs with microbeads, actually turned out to be more harmful than healing (and they significantly damaged our ecosystem, too). Instead of taking a full break from skin care, you could simply cut out the harsher chemicals and oils in your routine in favor of pivoting to products designed for sensitive skin. After giving your skin enough time to fully recover, you can begin adding harsher products back in one-by-one.

How to Plan Your Spring Skin Care Break

If you decide that a temporary halt to your skin care routine is what you need when it comes to skin care for spring, there are a few ways you should prepare:

  • Duration: You do not want to have such a short skin care break that you might as well have never stopped, but neither do you want to drag it out for so long that long-gone skin problems like acne begin to return. Your plan for spring skin care should center around an optimal time frame — a duration that allows your skin to heal itself without bringing it back to a state of duress.
  • Materials: You also may not wish to begin your skin care break without easing yourself into the process first. Switching out a chemical treatment for a gentle moisturizer, for instance, might help ease your skin into a place where it will be more comfortable going natural for a bit.
  • Diet and Exercise: Just because you may abandon products for your spring skin care regimen does not mean you can’t take care of your skin in other ways. Practicing a diet that is conducive to good skin, and making sure to dry and clean your skin properly after exercising, can make sure your skin stays healthy even if you are not actively maintaining it with supplements and oils.

After Your Break

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Once your skin care break concludes, you may wish to start nourishing your skin in a way that even goes beyond your typical regimen, and this is where many of the procedures in our med spa can come into play. If your plans for spring skin care include giving up your typical ointments, you can trust procedures like our chemical peels, dermaplaning, and laser treatment procedures to bring your skin that healthy glow you have always dreamed of. And should you desire surgical options outside the purview of our MedSpa, we can also provide facelifts, neck lifts, and so much more at Salameh Plastic Surgery.

Get the Ultimate Skin Care Plan for Spring with Salameh Skin Care

At Salameh Skin Care, we are committed to giving you all the resources you need to achieve the body of your dreams, whether that be through use of our procedures or via expertise. Our blog is full of tips and tricks you can use to tone your body and clear up your skin. If you decide to take the next step, our beautiful facility in Bowling Green, Kentucky will always be there to welcome you. These are no ordinary procedures for spring skin care: our ideas are always carried out by world-class experts you can trust to do a perfect job every time.

To start down the road towards becoming the best you that you can be, get in touch with us now and ask how we can help. Whether you are on a skin care break or just getting started with a new regimen, you can trust in Salameh Skin Care when you schedule a consultation with us today.

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