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28th Jan 2021

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Everyone wants great skin, but not everyone has the courage to make a resolution, or knows what steps to take to get brighter, healthier skin. Luckily, a crystal clear complexion in the New Year does not have to be far out of reach if you adopt a few simple skin habits that will help you look your best. Let Salameh Skin Care help you bring out your inner glow with this guide!

1. Form the Right Diet

The expression “you are what you eat” is a well-worn cliché for a reason: your diet controls everything from your odds of contracting certain diseases to the way your skin appears. Adopting a diet rich in lean proteins with fatty acids, like walnuts, avocados, and fish, is one of the skin habits that applies no matter who you are or how you want your skin to look. And in this case, the phrase “addition by subtraction” applies: sugary and high-carb foods can easily lead to breakouts, so your personal skin care plan should also involve dropping, or at least minimizing, the role foods like pizza and donuts play in your life.

2. Identify the Problem Areas

Knowing which skin habits will help you reach your beauty goals requires that you also have a decent idea of where your skin’s problem areas are. Some people have sensitive skin that can bruise easily, while others have an oily complexion that can lend itself to acne breakouts, and identifying the kinds of blemishes you personally are more prone to will help you form the ideal plan for counteracting them. A general preventative and rejuvenating strategy is great, but one that focuses on the skin habits that target problems which keep your skin from looking its best are even better.

3. Find the Right Products

No proper skin care strategy is complete without a vanity cabinet full of effective skin care products that will help you reach your goals. Having a full stock of medical-grade skin products that can both accentuate the positive and downplay the flaws in your skin will be essential to making sure your personal skin care plan succeeds. One of the best skin habits to form early is to find the product(s) that work best with your complexion, and stick with them!

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4. Know What Procedures to Get (And When to Get Them)

Anyone who has gone on the quest for the perfect complexion will tell you that the pursuit requires you to not simply form good habits, but stick with them for a long time to come. Many people will elect to have plastic surgery to help them reach that extra step on the road to perfect skin, and knowing which procedures to get and how often you should get them can be one of the most important skin habits for reaching your personal beauty goals. For instance, many of the treatments our medical spa offers can be undertaken multiple times, and all have different benefits for different skin types. Consulting with us on which ones are right for you is vital!

5. Exercise and Aftercare

Getting lots of outdoor time and exercise is important for a healthy lifestyle of any kind, and one that promotes great skin is no exception. However, part of combining effective skin habits with a good workout routine is making sure you clean up and exfoliate after every session: clearing your pores and drying off with the right kinds of towels can make sure you do not accidentally suffer a breakout even as you break a new record at the gym. Knowing the right way to exercise can make all the difference for your skin care plan!

6. Check in With Your Plastic Surgeon

Having an esteemed plastic surgeon on your side is a great way to keep your skin healthy and happy. When working with a qualified professional, they use their expertise to suggest the most beneficial solutions to any skin care qualms. Plastic surgeons, skin care professionals, and MedSpa staff can all help you choose the procedures, products, and treatments that will be best for your skin.

Form the Perfect Skin Care Strategy with Salameh Plastic Surgery, MedSpa, Hair Transplant, and Skin Care

Salameh Skin Care knows that every patient has different goals, which is why we offer so many different procedures—all of which are conducted in beautiful Bowling Green, Kentucky by a staff who cares about your needs. Even the best skin habits can always use a boost, so why not get in touch with us today and ask how we can help? There is nothing more important than being comfortable in your own skin, so make sure you stay satisfied with yourself for a long time to come and visit us now.

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