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28th Jan 2021

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When you hear the term “makeover,” you probably think of something that will give you a whole new style and completely change your natural appearance. The reality is that while this may sometimes be the case, you can actually give yourself a new look—be it total or subtle—through some skin care essentials that will bring out much of your natural beauty. Join us as we go through the basics of a “no makeup makeover” that will have you looking your best without having to rely on cosmetics!

1. Medical-Grade Products

While you may not need a lot of makeup to get the appearance you have always dreamed about, you still need some tools on your side to help make your vision a reality. A good stock of medical-grade skin care essentials will not only help you accentuate the natural beauty of your face, it will also take emphasis away from features that may not be to your liking. For example, bruising cream can work wonders if you have sensitive skin, and there are expertly formulated products designed to banish acne for those who are more prone to breakouts. When choosing which parts of your look to makeover, skin care products are vital for creating the balance that comes with bolstering your new look while tamping down the parts of yourself that you would rather leave on the “old you.” To learn which skin care essentials will help you best on the road to your perfect look, take a look at our skin care advisor and let it guide you to the high-quality Salameh products that will be best for your specific needs.

2. Procedures

Having a shelf full of great skin products will be important to make sure your new look takes off, but to really make it last, you might want to consider getting some procedures as well. Many of these treatments and procedures, such as Botox injections to tighten skin and fight wrinkles, go well with the medical-grade skin care essentials you’ve stocked up on. Additionally, our MedSpa includes state-of-the-art procedures like dermaplaning and chemical peels that will rejuvenate your skin. Taking care of your skin will make over many of the parts of your appearance that you wish to change. MedSpa treatments go the extra mile in making those skin care essentials last.

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3. Lifestyle Changes

Having great creams and lotions, as well as one of the best plastic surgeons in the world, is a large part of getting great skin. But the other part is just as important, and it involves the way you act and the habits that make up your everyday life. You can have a medicine cabinet full of incredible skin care essentials, and work done by the best plastic surgeons in the world, but if you are not eating correctly, sleeping a good amount every night, and working out consistently as well as engaging in proper exercise aftercare, you will not see the skin results that you have been looking for. Our blog is a great place to look for tips and tricks for how to best live a life that encourages great skin, but as always, it will be up to you to follow through on that advice and live according to your own personal beauty standards. With a little bit of hard work—and a lot of skin care essentials on your side—you can make your skin beautiful and youthful.

Makeover Your Skin Care Regimen with Salameh Plastic Surgery, MedSpa, Hair Transplant, and Skin Care

Salameh Skin Care has everything you need for getting the kind of skin you have always wanted. Alongside our collection of products and procedures, we play host to a world-class, double board-certified plastic surgeon and a team of professionals that will always make your individual needs their top priority. If you have ever had a bad experience with a clinic that did not make you feel as though you were being seen or heard, Salameh Skin Care can give you the skin care essentials you need and make you feel as valuable as you are while doing so.

To get started and to learn more about our rates and availability, send our customer service team a message today. We are located in beautiful Bowling Green, Kentucky, and our facility is surrounded with plenty of gorgeous things to see and do once your time as our guest is complete. If you are ready to make the skin care essentials for your perfect look a permanent part of your life, start your plan with Salameh Skin Care.

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