Should I Add a Toner To My Skincare Routine?

2nd Oct 2020

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The benefits of skin toner are endless, making it deserving of a place in any skin care routine. Cleansing, toning, and moisturizing are the three essential steps of the best skin care regimens, but far too many people skip the toner step. Finding the right medical-grade toner is a must if you want to have glowing, hydrated skin. Let Salameh Skin Care show you exactly why toner is such a vital aspect of the best skin care routines.

What Does Toner Do?

The skin toner benefits that you’ll experience once you add this step to your daily skin care routine will blow your mind. Cleansing your face doesn't remove everything. Dirt, grit, grime, and makeup remain on your face. Toning removes the residual oil, dirt, and makeup that stubbornly stick to your skin. It will also curb the oils that occur naturally and assist with fighting blemishes. Because toners are excellent at stemming oil production, a high-quality toner may dry out your skin unless you find one that specifically promises to hydrate. That's okay, though. You can simply follow up with a hydrating serum and a facial moisturizer.

Look at the Ingredients

When looking at which medical-grade toner to choose, you want to take a peek at the label. Alcohol-free toners are the best toners, as they will not dry your skin. If you have oily skin or acne-prone skin, you’ll want to look for the ingredient glycolic acid, as that will keep your pores squeaky clean. Salicylic acid is another toner ingredient to look for since it can clean out pores and leave a bit behind to exfoliate.

Advantages of Toner

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When you skip this critical step in your skin care routine, you will be leaving behind dirt, grime, and makeup on your face, which can cause breakouts. A huge skin toner benefit is the fact that you can use it not just to clean your face, but also to freshen up. A quick splash will leave your face dewy and glowing.

Keep the Season in Mind

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When adding the medical-grade toner to your routine, you want to consider the weather. If you are in a place where it gets cold, then your skin can become irritated. You may want to switch your toner to something more moisturizing. In the warmer months, you will want a formula that will exfoliate because you could have a buildup of dead skin cells.

When to Use Toner

For the most effective skin toner benefits, use toner after you cleanse but before you moisturize your skin. After patting it on gently, give it time to dry, then apply a moisturizer. You will instantly notice that your skin feels cleaner.

As you can see, skin toner benefits run the gamut, so finding the right toner for you is imperative. Take a look at the toners at Salameh Skin Care to find the perfect fit.

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