Our Top 5 Reasons To Make the Change To Medical Grade Skin Care

21st Aug 2020

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You might be able to tell just by the name, but nothing else on the market can touch medical grade skincare when it comes to results and quality. If you truly want your skin to look as naturally radiant as it possibly can, make Salameh’s medical grade skincare a part of your skincare routine. Here are our reasons medical grade private-label skincare should find its way into your cabinet as soon as possible.

1. It Works Better

Our first reason is also the most obvious: medical-quality supplements are going to be better for your skin than anything you’d be able to pick up over the counter at the drugstore. Products like our Ultimate Rejuvenating Serum aren’t named that for no reason, and the moment you apply it to your skin you’ll be able to feel the difference in quality even before it starts to do its work.

2. It Goes With Skin Procedures

Medical grade private-label skincare is the only thing you should be putting on your skin if you’re preparing for or recovering from any medical undertaking designed to improve your skin. The easiest answer to “why medical grade skincare?” is right there in the name: if you’re serious about the holistic and integrative medical benefits to great skin, a generic brand simply isn’t going to enhance your results in the same way.

3. It Can Protect Your Skin From Blemishes…

Medical grade private-label skincare is the best product you can find for protecting your skin from pimples and other blemishes before they ever have a chance to percolate. Formulae like the Ultra Hydrating Hydraulic Acid Complex can make sure your skin is in a perpetual state of hydration that will always ward off skin problems, eliminating grime and dead skin cells before they have a chance to build up.

4. …And Remove Or Mitigate Ones That Are Already There

Depending on what you’re searching for, there are certain kinds of medical grade private-label skincare products that can help cloak, ameliorate, or even remove certain kinds of blemishes and scars. A great example of this would be our Scar & Bruise Advanced Formula Cream, which uses a keen combination of natural ingredients and cutting-edge science to help alleviate the visual stigma of scars and other potential injuries.

Woman applying face serum

5. The Total Package

Once you sum up all the benefits that come with making the change to medical grade private-label skincare products, it totals up to something you can’t put a price on when it comes to either monetary or emotional value. If you’ve ever wondered “why medical grade skincare products?”, the true answer is that their quality, medical value, ability to reduce blemishes and even to tamp them down before they can grow all add up to something that will give you a level of confidence in your looks that you won’t be able to get from anything you’d be able to find over the counter.

Experience True Quality With Salameh Plastic Surgery And Skin Care

At Salameh Skin Care, we’re committed to providing a high level of excellence regardless of how familiar you are with medical grade private-label skincare products. Dr. Salameh is one of the most revered cosmetic surgeons in America for a reason: he takes the time to assess the needs of everyone who walks through his doors, and gives them exactly what they’re looking for. Whether you need a comprehensive enhancement of your visual appearance or are just interested in a relaxing trip to our medical spa, our facility can provide you with just what you need.

Learn more about our exclusive medical grade private-label skincare products by sending us a message. When you’re finished with over the counter brands that don’t give your skin the luster and tone you desire, make the best switch your skin will ever feel and try Salameh Skin Care products today.

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