Bee-Stung! The Science Behind Medical Grade Lip Plumpers

8th Jan 2021

close-up of a woman’s full lips

We want to help you find the best lip plumper for you. That involves letting you know what products and devices to avoid, as well. You can’t automatically trust a product that promises to give you a fuller pout. You can trust Salameh Skin Care to point you in the right direction. There are instant lip plumpers that are both effective and safe. As long as you know what to avoid, you can effortlessly plump up your pout at home. If you think that you might want the longer-lasting effects offered by lip injections, we can help you with that, too.

Say “No” to Irritation

Not so long ago, most of the lip plumpers on the market were all irritating. Seriously. Until relatively recently, all the best lip plumper products worked under the premise of irritating the skin on your lips. That was the only way anyone could think of to create that luscious bee-stung effect. Conventional products contain peppermint oil or wintergreen oil to irritate the sensitive skin of your mouth, making it swell. Swollen lips definitely appear fuller. We can’t argue with that. The price is a bit too high, however. That’s especially true for products that contain capsicum, which comes from chile peppers.

In all cases, these lip plumpers do indeed increase the flow of blood to your lips. You aren’t having an allergic reaction, thank goodness (unless you’re allergic to bees), but that irritation is the sole reason for the increased blood flow. Using one of these old plumpers will cause your lips to tingle and then to swell a bit. The effects are short-lived, however, and the irritation is real. They’re safe enough to use, but there are better ways to perfect your pretty pout.

Modern Marvels for Your Lips

a woman making a kiss face

Today’s instant lip plumpers are completely different from conventional methods. You don’t need bee venom to get that bee-stung look. Medical-grade lip plumpers don’t cause that kind of irritation. Better still, their effects last longer than a mere hour, which is about what you can expect from plumping products that contain peppermint oil or other irritants.

Nowadays, we know that the way to plump the lips is by infusing them with as much moisture as possible. That’s why many modern products contain hyaluronic acid, instead. Contrary to the name, hyaluronic acid does not burn. You won’t feel major irritation on your lips, but it may tingle a little.

Hyaluronic acid is a powerhouse when it’s applied to the lips. It absorbs a ton of hydrating and moisturizing molecules right through the skin of your lips. It can pull those molecules from the air and from your body itself. As it pulls those molecules to the surface of your lips, it creates a plumping effect that makes your mouth appear fuller, lusher, and kissable.

Another option is to look for the best lip plumpers that promise to stimulate and even produce collagen. Most of the time, these products are marketed as containing peptides that produce collagen. The effects may not last as long as hyaluronic acid-based plumpers, which usually pass the two- or three-hour mark, but your lips will remain looking plump for a decent amount of time.

What to Avoid

As you can probably tell, the best lip plumpers don’t irritate your lips. It goes beyond avoiding that burning tingle, however. People will try many things if it allows them to plump their pout. There are some devices that apply suction to your lips in an effort to make them fuller and more luscious. Avoid those gadgets at all costs.

In theory, they are indeed instant lip plumpers. However, they plump your lips by drawing blood to their surface through suction. Done incorrectly, this can result in broken blood vessels. Their effects can be uneven, not to mention painful. You may even end up with long-lasting swelling. It’s not worth the risk, especially when you can try your luck with safe, medical-grade lip plumpers instead. You don’t want to mess around with your mouth, so stay away from anything that uses suction to create a fuller appearance.

Remember, the best lip plumpers won’t irritate your skin. You can find exactly what you need at Salameh Skin Care.

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