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8th Oct 2021

A young woman applying moisturizing, anti-aging cream around her eyes

Aging can take a toll on our most delicate skin, but knowing how to take care of your eyes can help you fight off its worst effects for a more youthful appearance. You might not think about your eyes very often, but they are one of your most important body parts because they allow you to see and enjoy the world’s beauty. We discuss our best tips to care for your eyes and recommend the best eye care products for different needs.

Remove Your Contacts Before Wetting Your Face or Sleeping

Your contacts act like sponges that absorb the bacteria that can occur in pools, lakes, or shower water, and failing to remove them may cause or aggravate severe eye infections. Play it safe and go without contacts when you are entering any sources of water. Also, before touching your eyes, remember to wash your hands first to get rid of the germs and bacteria on your fingers that could bring cold and flu viruses.

Reduce Dark Circles and Dryness with Eye Cream

Give your delicate eye area the pampering it deserves with eye care productscontaining powerful ingredients like peptides to reduce fine lines and wrinkles, plus hyaluronic acid to hydrate even the driest and most sensitive of skins. Our Ultimate Rejuvenating Eye Complex is designed to both soothe and brighten the skin as well as plump it for effective, lasting results.

Don't Forget the Eye Serum

Eye serums are often forgotten when compiling a list of essential eye care products — however, adding a good serum to your regimen will help you learn how to take care of your eyesmore effectively. Our medical-grade Instant Eye Lift serum tightens the skin around your eyes and lifts away dark circles, puffiness, fine lines, and wrinkles to reveal a refreshed, youthful appearance. In as little as 60 seconds, you can see firmer skin and lifted features that last all day long!

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Keep Your Eyes Protected from the Sun

When out in the sun, it is important to keep your eyes protected from UV radiation with eye care products. Eye damage can cause age-related macular degeneration and corneal sunburns because of exposure to sunlight. To avoid these issues, it is important to wear a hat or sunglasses when possible, along with sunscreen andmoisturizer with at least SPF 30 for anti-aging protection. This medical-grade formula combines powerful hydration with UV protection so you can reveal your natural glow while protecting against the harmful effects of sun damage, such as wrinkles and dark spots. Sun protection is key when you’re learning how to take care of your eyes.

Use the Right Eye Makeup

If you wear makeup, make sure you pick a brand that works for you and protects your skin health. Avoid eyeshadow or eye makeup that can produce an allergic reaction and stick to gentle eye care productsor non-comedogenicformulas with natural ingredients designed to improve your skin concerns. Use a mask or wipes before you go to sleep to prevent bacteria buildup. Brushes need frequent cleaning particularly to avoid eye irritation.

Maintain Long and Thick Lashes

Not having the eyelashes that you want can be hard. But now there’s an easy solution for getting those luscious lashes that will make everyone take notice. TheUltimate Eyelash Growth Serum is the perfect solution for anyone who wants to achieve extraordinary results with their lashes. It contains a powerful blend of ingredients that nourish your lashes and stimulate natural lash growth — with results in as little as 8 weeks of regular application! Add this to your eye care products as a safe way to help your lashes grow longer and lusher.

Avoid Rubbing Your Eyes and Keep a Proper Distance from the Monitor

Using eye care products to protect your eyes is not enough. If you have ahabit of wiping or rubbing your eyes, it may take some time and discipline to stop; however, change is possible, and it’s worth it to preserve the beauty of your eyes. Avoid hand contact on the eye to avoid infections and damage.

Also, monitors should be positioned about 20 inches away from the head and at or slightly below eye level. To help reduce eye strain, you should view screens in an area with ample but diffused lighting that is not too focused or bright to avoid glare.

Eat Healthily and Get Enough Sleep

These are both crucial steps for mastering how to take care of your eyesbesides using eye care products. Eating thebest foods for healthy eyes ensures you will receive the right nutrition for optimal eye health. Beta Carotene, Omega3 fatty acids, and Vitamins A and C, are all key for eye health. Foods like fish, leafy greens, and carrots are all good options for a diet rich in these nutrients. Staying hydrated by drinking water regularly throughout the day also helps reduce irritation.

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Without healthy eyes, life would be very different! They help us enjoy the beauty of the world around us. So remember these tips next time you're washing your face or putting on eye cream before bedtime. With Salameh Skin Care, finding the right eye care products can be simple — just check out our Skin Care Advisor for personalized recommendations. It's worth it!

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