6 Reasons Your Skin Might Break Out, And What To Do If It Does

26th Aug 2020

Woman applying acne treatment

As much as wishful thinking might lead us to believe that our acne problems have been left behind with our high school days, the reality is that adults can still experience skin breakouts for any number of reasons. There are a lot of possible causes for an acne breakout in adulthood, but thankfully most of them are very simple to solve. We’ll be going over some of the most common causes for adult pimple problems and the best ways to say “so long” to pimples.

1. Bad Diet

One of the most common reasons people experience unwanted blemishes on their skin is due to their diet, which may be full of sugars and fats that take away from the nutrients needed for healthy skin. Making some simple dietary changes can do a lot to ameliorate this acne breakout cause.

2. Too Much Scrubbing

Paradoxically, washing your face too much can mess with the pores on your skin and actually cause more entryways for oils and dead skin cell buildup to occur. If you need to wash your face consistently, some medical grade acne treatment that happens to be gentle on the skin, such as our Multi-Action Cleanser, should be the choice for you.

3. Not Enough Scrubbing

Proving the axiom that moderation is the key to success in all things, the reverse problem to the one just mentioned, i.e. not washing your face often enough, is also an extremely common acne breakout cause. While fiddling with your pores too much and opening their pathways to contagions can be bad for your skin, letting all that oil and dead cellular material pile up uninhibited can be just as detrimental, so make sure to walk that fine line between not washing enough and washing too much!

Multi-Action Cleanser

4. Dry Skin

A lack of fluids and moisture in your body will almost certainly lead to pimples and blackheads sprouting on your face if you let the situation go on for too long. You can fix this acne breakout cause by washing your face an appropriate amount, moisturizing with gentle materials, and drinking plenty of water throughout the course of the day.

5. Popping Your Blemishes

It’s all too easy to make a bad skin situation even worse by popping and picking at your pimples and blackheads; this will cause them to rupture and spread the oils and microbes that caused them in the first place to spread even further across your face. While it may be tempting to have a go at them, this acne breakout cause is one of the leading reasons for acne scars and uncontrolled pimple spread, so just let your zits fade away naturally.

6. The Wrong Kind of Makeup

Medical grade acne treatment is something you might have to call in if you find yourself using off-brand or low-quality makeup; these brands typically aren’t as transparent about what actually goes into making their products, and many can feature minerals and chemicals that aren’t good for your skin. You can prevent this acne breakout cause with ease by only using makeup and related supplements that you know are of high quality.

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