5 Skin Care Essentials for Redness

19th Aug 2021

There are few things more frustrating than redness in your skin that just won’t calm down. There are many different factors that can cause it, but skin products for redness due to aging won’t necessarily help if yours is due to irritation.

That’s why we put together this list of Salameh Skin Care redness-reducing products. No matter what the cause of yours is, these will address it, so you can achieve the even complexion and healthy, youthful glow you deserve.

Multi-Action Cleanser

If you need skin care for redness, you must start with our Multi-Action Cleanser. It’s ideal for soothing skin while also cleansing so it more than earns its place among our skin products for redness. Other products are much more effective when applied to clean skin, but a cleanser that’s too harsh can irritate your skin more. Multi-Action Cleanser walks the line perfectly.

The salicylic acid, allantoin, and provitamin B5 slough off dry, aging skin, and remove dirt, debris, and other irritants, which prevents them from reddening your skin later on in the day. Meanwhile, papaya fruit and aloe vera extracts soothe your skin, helping reduce redness immediately.

PH Balancing Toner

When you need skin care that’s redness-reducing, a great toner is an absolute must. Even the weakest toners will remove any residual debris after cleansing and prepping your skin for any products that follow. But if you want really great skin care for redness that goes beyond prep and does extra work for your face, consider Dr. Salameh’s PH Balancing Toner.

It exfoliates, rebalances, and neutralizes your skin, so irritants are gone and the pH of your skin is closer to where it should be, improving tone. Plus, it hydrates and calms, reducing further causes of redness and allowing the even complexion underneath to shine through. On top of all that, it increases your skin’s ability to absorb moisture, enhancing the efficacy of moisturizers.

A woman using some skin care for redness cream

Ultimate Rejuvenating Eye Complex

Redness usually means irritation, even if the sources of that irritation vary. Most skin care for redness is about calming down the irritation and soothing the skin in that area. That’s why we love the Ultimate Rejuvenating Eye Complex as one of our skin products for redness. It’s like a liquid cucumber over the eyes every day.

Even if the eyes aren’t typically where people experience redness, they can be a place where people hold tension, which can tense up the rest of the face. Soothe that area, and you’ll calm down all of the skin surrounding it, reducing redness all around.

Ultra Hydrating Hyaluronic Acid Complex

Dry skin can contribute to redness, so products that hydrate are a great part of your routine skin care for redness. But ultimately, you can only absorb so much moisture at a time. That gives you two options when you need redness-reducing skin care. You can keep reapplying moisturizer throughout the day. Or you can get the Ultra Hydrating Hyaluronic Acid Complex.

The hyaluronic acid complex helps your skin act like a water-attracting molecule. This lets it absorb much more moisture than it could ever do on its own, calming any redness that your skin might still have. It’s often used for medical purposes, like wound and burn healing, which is how you know it’s effective on irritation.

Woman applying skin products for redness

Hydration from the inside out

Supplements aren’t the only way you can approach skin care for redness from the inside. Keeping your body hydrated and healthy by drinking enough water, exercising regularly, maintaining a good diet, and forming other healthy skin habits is essential skin care for reducing redness.

While these aren’t exactly products, at Salameh Skin Care we believe in an integrative approach to beauty. Our products are powerful and effective, but they’ll be much more so if you combine them with a healthy lifestyle that includes plenty of hydration to aid redness in your skin.

There are many options out there when it comes to skin care for redness. But the trick is to find the ones that are powerful and effective without being harsh — a feat that everything listed here achieves. If you still have questions, give our Skin Care Advisor a try, or speak to a customer service representative, and get a routine personalized to your own skin!

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